Modern Faith Pen



Introducing our Faith Pen, a .5mm black ink pens. It's the perfect companion for all of your note taking. Choose a color to match your BSB, and enjoy the smooth outer coating under your grip. The sharp and precise tip is perfect for getting into those small spaces. Enjoy a pen that matches your style and further develops your notes. Match with the BSB pen holder for ease of traveling. 

* This product is the pen only! For the Pen Pouch or the complete set, check other listings 



  1. Smooth .5mm Tip: Delve into the intricate details of scripture with our fine .5mm tip, providing precision and clarity in your writing.

  2. Premium Black Ink: Experience the richness of our black ink, meticulously formulated for smooth, consistent lines that bring your words to life on the page.

  3. Comfortable Design: With a smooth silky covering, our pens are designed for extended writing sessions, ensuring comfort and ease of use.

  4. Clicky Retractable Tip: Effortlessly retract the tip of your pen with our convenient clicky mechanism.

  5. Branded Logo: Each pen features our Modern Faith logo, symbolizing our commitment to quality.

Whether you're journaling, taking sermon notes, or engaging in personal reflection, our pens are the perfect tool to accompany you on your spiritual journey.